Feb 25, 2013

Meet Amber Gilchrist

Amber Gilchrist lives in New Mexico with her husband and three children.

She writes YA for upper teens, as well as LDS Romantic Comedies. She calls her lifetime of jumping from one job to another 'experience' for her books and not an inability to settle down. Amber loves mysteries and a good, happy romance. She also loves to laugh. Sometimes she likes all of them together.

A fan of quirky movies and indie books, Amber likes to be with her family, is socially inept, and fears strangers and small yippy dogs. She alternates between writing and being a mom and wife. She tries to do both at the same time but her kids don't appreciate being served lunch and told, "This is the hot dog of your discontent." So mostly she writes when everyone else is in bed.

Amber loves to hear from readers and can be reached at ambergilchristbooks@gmail.com

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Ten Fun Things about Amber

1. I am really technologically impaired. I don't have a smartphone, nor can I imagine what I'd do with one. Social media is a necessary evil in my opinion.

2. When I was about 7 or 8 my parents took me to Holland and I made a big fuss about getting some wooden shoes. My parents dragged me all over town trying to find some small enough to fit my feet. When the discovery was made, I tried them on, proclaimed them to be uncomfortable and said I no longer wanted them. Surprisingly, may parents did NOT try to kill me.

3. I ran track in high school because I liked the track suit with the tiger paw more than that I liked to run.

4. My husband is a much better cook than I am. When we were first married people would ask me if I was learning to cook his favorite meals and I was like, 'if his favorite meal is pigs in a blanket, then yes.' And then they'd all laugh like I was kidding but I really wasn't. If not for his cooking and our personal chef, Boyardee, we would have starved for the first several years of our marriage.

5. Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorite movies. The Lady Vanishes also ranks up there.

6. I watch little kid shows without my children.

7. Despite liking children's programming, I don't watch TV very much. This isn't some moral superiority thing. It's because I'm just way too ADHD for TV. The first time something distracts me I'm out of there and I just never come back.

8. My house is always dirty. ALWAYS.

9. I never dreamed about my wedding growing up.

10. I'm a convert. I joined the LDS church in 1993 when I was 18

Amber wrote the romantic comedy titled GLITCH

What People are saying
about Glitch

Glitch is a fun-filled, clean,
LDS chic flic~
Full of funny situations and
sweet moments~
to see my full review click HERE

You can purchase Glitch for your Kindle at Amazon
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