Feb 6, 2013

Table Talk

Need help in starting a conversation?
This book will do it!

Here is  just a small smattering of the fun questions from the book:

"If you had to wear the same color of clothing for the rest of your life, which color would you choose?"

"Have you ever had to put out a grease fire?"

"What kind of boat would you like to have?"
a. a sailboat
b. a ski boat
c. a canoe or kayak
d. a fishing boat
e. other

"What is the best April Fool's trick you have ever played or had played on you?"

"If God or an angel appeared to you do you think it would make you want to be a better person. Why or why not?"

Quotes are also on the pages to help further the discussions that arise from the questions.

This book would be great for the dinner table, family gatherings, friend gatherings, dates, parties, even as a post on Facebook, or on a blog.

Ask your friends one of the above questions and let the conversations roll :)




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