Feb 27, 2013

Far World: Air Keep

Book Details:
Release Date: February 2013
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Genre: Middle Fantasy

Book Description:
The adventure continues…

It’s been six months since Marcus and Kyja obtained the help of the land and water elementals, but before they can secure the help from the mysterious air elementals, the two friends must first be reunited. A task easier said than done.

Master Therapass is worried that trying to pull Marcus to Farworld would put him in danger of the shadow realm, but if Marcus stays on Earth, he'll be sent back to the Philo T. Justice School for Boys instead of being able to stay on the protected grounds of the monastery.

While attempting to return to Farworld, Marcus find himself in the Abyss of Time, facing four doors: the Is the Was, the Will Be, and the Never Was. What he learns in that dangerous place has the potential to change his life—and Kyja's. But does he have the courage to tell her what he learned?

And in Farworld, a drought, floods, and blizzards have seized the land, hinting that perhaps there is a traitor in the elementals' midst. The Dark Circle is growing in power, and as Marcus and Kyja desperately search for the air elementals, they must first answer the question "Is there anyone we can trust?"

My Review:
This book has been YEARS in the making...but so worth the wait.
Yes...the adventure continues...and what an amazing adventure it is!
As I was reading I kept thinking..."this is as good as Fablehaven."
And "this is as good as Lord of the Rings."

You will fall in love with the characters and cheer them on as they battle to bring together not only Water, Land, Air, and Fire but also Far World and Earth.

While the story is written as a middle reader it has kept me plenty entertained!
My husband and grown boys have read this series too and loved it as well.

This series is a definite must read for all ages :)

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About the Author:
J Scott Savage is the author of the Farworld middle grade fantasy series and the Case File 13 middle grade monster series. He has been writing and publishing books for over ten years. He has visited over 400 elementary schools, dozens of writers conferences, and taught many writing classes. He has four children and lives with his wife Jennifer and their Border Collie, Pepper in a windy valley of the Rocky Mountains. You can follow Scott on: FACEBOOK \ HIS BLOG

(A review copy of this title was provided by the pulisher for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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