Jan 11, 2013

Drops of Gold

I LOVE Sarah Eden's writings!

Her characters banter with each other as a humorous way to flirt...

For you see...
The girl likes the guy...but thinks the guy doesn't like her.
When in fact the guy likes the girl...but thinks the girl doesn't like him.

So FUN to read!

It makes you want to see them get together all the more :)

Marion, or Mary as she decided to be called, has been hired on a governess to Miss Caroline...

Layton, is still grieving the loss of his wife...but finds himself joyful when he is around Mary.

But it is improper for the Lord of the house to marry the child's governess...

Can they find a way...

Filled with love and romance and humor-- A must read for anyone who believes in "happily ever afters."

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