Jan 16, 2013

Finished Being Fat Blog Tour

About the Book
Author: Betsy Schow
Release Date: January 2013        
Publisher: Cedar Fort Books
Genre: Self-Help

Book Description

Not everyone can win the race, but everyone can finish it. In her quest to wish away an extra 75 pounds, Betsy changed her life for good. Using her Philosophy of Finishing, she snowballed her efforts from weight loss into a bucket list of seemingly impossible dreams. This inspiring account of one woman’s journey will help you find the strength to conquer your most daunting goals and unfinished projects.

My Review
This book is not about dieting...
Although it is helping me re-think my eating plan.

This book is not about exercising...
Although Betsy uses her exercise adventure to relate her story.

This book is about setting goals and then seeing them through to the FINISH!

I laughed out loud and for a long while over the part in the book where Betsy tells where she has a hate/more hate relationship with the scales.

On morning she steps on the scales, sees the number, and then steps off again.
THEN thinking that the scales might have changed its mind she steps on AGAIN.
ONLY to find out that she has now gained another .2 pounds!

I have SO BEEN THERE myself!

Betsy's insight on WHY she has gained the weight rings so clear with me.
And how many projects have I left because I was a "starter" not a "finisher."

Filled with humor and honesty this book will wrap around your heart and make you want to be a better person.

About the Author
Betsy Schow accidentally changed her life while trying to wish away her fat. After losing seventy-five pounds in a year, this stay-at-home mother of two and “former fat person” is now a “finisher.” She lives in northern Utah with her husband and attempts to keep her two small children in line while writing, training for the next marathon, and finishing up a BA in Behavioral Science and English. To find out more on Finished Being Fat and author Betsy Schow, visit: http://www.betsyschow.com/.

Follow along below with one of her yoga sessions :)

(A digital review copy of this title was provided by the author for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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