Jan 24, 2013

A Royal Guardian

What an incredible way to instill the Young Women Values!

A princess is turning 12....
which is the age of the "guardianship."

She has been put in charge of guarding 8 values.

She is also given a bracelet from her father, the King.
And each night she receives a gem to put into her bracelet.

* White Diamond - Faith

* Blue Sapphire - Divine Nature

* Red Garnet - Individual Worth

* Green Emerald - Knowledge

 *Orange Fire Opal - Choice & Accountability

* Yellow Citrine - Good Works

* Purple Amethyst - Integrity

* Gold - Virtue

As she practices the value that each gem represents...

That gem grows brighter.

But what happens when she loses sight of the bracelet or doesn't guard the value?

Read to find out :)


From the Author
I’m a wife, of 23 years, and a mother of three daughters and one son. Our family enjoys being active, especially snowmobiling, wave-running at the lake, hiking, and walks along the parkway.

In my spare time I like to write. My published books, so far, include: Women of Virtue (2009), A Royal Guardian (2013), and Precious in His Sight--Seeing yourself as God sees you (2013). My essays are featured in publications by Covenant Communications, The Art of Motherhood (2013), With Wandering Awe (2013), and A Mother’s Prayer (2014).

In my community, I have volunteer taught, for 13+ years, self-improvement and motivational workshops to women recovering from substance abuse at a drug treatment center called House of Hope, and more recently at The Utah House for teens. I'm also a regular contributor on KSL's Studio 5 top-rated television show, sharing ideas on how families can SHARE, LOVE, and SERVE together.


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