Nov 11, 2012

Chocolate Roses

by Joan Sowards

WOW! This book was GOOD!

Janie is a chocolatier and she has a favorite customer!

He comes to the store every Tuesday at 9:00am and orders a chocolate rose...

Then the story takes a swirling, chocolaty spin...

9:00am Tuesday morning customer
turns into the new neighbor
turns into friend
turns into "off limits"
turns into...

I won't give it MUST READ!

Sweet, clean romance with rich morsels of humor.

It will leave you savoring in it's delectable, deliciousness :)


About the Author
Joan Sowards is a third generation Arizonan of pioneer stalk. She holds a BS degree from Arizona State University. Joan is married and has raised five children and a multitude of chickens. Her favorite hobbies are writing, composing, and doing family history research. She loves to travel the USA, and her visited countries list includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and Canada. Only 185 to go!


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