Nov 23, 2012

Author Julie Coulter Bellon

The ALL FALL DOWN Blog Tour is still going strong...
In the spirit of Thanksgiving we asked Julie Coulter Bellon to tell us 10 things she is grateful is what she said:

Ten Things I Am Grateful For
I am grateful I have a supportive husband who has encouraged me to follow my dreams.
I am grateful to have indoor plumbing and a microwave.
I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel and experience other cultures.
I am grateful for all the people who make Canadian chocolate and for my mother who sends it to me.
I am grateful for calculators because I stink at math.
I am grateful for my children who keep my life interesting and teach me something new almost every day.
I am grateful for books that give me escape, entertainment, and education.
I am grateful for the people in my life who have made the effort to get to know me and love me.
I am grateful for computers because, as a writer, typing on a typewriter and having to go back and revise it with correction tape would make me crazy.
I am grateful for my memories of kisses under the stars, sitting on the porch watching a beautiful sunset and laughing around the table at family dinners. Life is good.
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