Nov 21, 2012

For God So Loved The One

Kerry Blair is not only an amazing writer, but she is an AMAZING person!

This little pamphlet is a true story of her experience one Christmas as a Relief Society president.

Kerry just wanted each of the 157 sisters in her ward to feel loved and to know that they are known.

Kerry and her counselors set out delivering oranges to each of the sisters.

156 sisters were dutifully visited...but what about the 157?

Kerry had tried numerous times to get a hold of this sister...

I love that Kerry bares her soul and actually tells the reader that she was ready to thrown this orange in the garbage and call 99.98% visited enough...

But NO...

Because Kerry is so amazing...she sets out ONE MORE TIME.


This one more time made a BIG difference in the lives of TWO people.

Very touching tale!

A must read!

This would also be a PERFECT neighbor/visiting teacher gift!


  1. It sounds like a beautiful Christmas story. I'll consider reading it if I have the chance. :)



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