Dec 30, 2019

Sunday on Monday Podcast

Sunday on Monday Podcast

The SUNDAY on MONDAY Study Group, is a weekly podcast gathering that digs in to the scriptures from the current COME, FOLLOW ME study -

Hosted by Tammy Uzelac Hall, a former fulltime Seminary and Institute teacher and featuring women just like you who want to get more out of their weekly scripture study.

Broken into six segments so you may study a little each day or all at once-- your choice.

Did you know that the Book of Mormon doesn't begin with "I, Nephi?" In our first study group of 2020, Tammy and her friends Sharmaine and Tamu dig into the real beginning of the Book of Mormon — the introductory pages — and share how the entire purpose of the Book of Mormon can be found in just four simple words: Show - Know - Not Cast Off - Convince.
My Thoughts
I LOVE the Sunday on Monday Podcast! I adore listening to other people's personal feelings about what we are studying in the scriptures. It really helps me to have someone explain things. It also encourages me to study further on my own.

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