Dec 5, 2019

Christmas in Bliss

by Michele Ashman Bell

It's Christmas Eve, and Nikki Michaels is on the last leg of her drive to celebrate the holidays at home. Though Christmas doesn't quite hold the same magic it did when she was younger, Nikki's idea of a merry Christmas is sharing in the festivities with her family in Salt Lake City—so when blizzard conditions force her off the snowpacked freeway in a middle-of-nowhere Idaho town called Bliss, she finds her situation anything but blissful.

Snowed in at a rest stop with a small band of strangers, Nikki finds kinship in a fellow traveler who helps her find the magic of Christmas again and spread the spirit of the season to other stranded travelers. Christmas in Bliss is a heartwarming holiday tale that is sure to inspire readers with the hope and happiness found in the true meaning of Christmas.

My Thoughts
What a delightful tale of strangers stranded at a rest stop as the roads are closed... It is Christmas Eve and all feel the loneliness as they are kept from family and friends. But... Nikki and Brian have the means to play Santa Claus to the stranded children. It will be a Christmas they never forget and a story you will remember for years to come.

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