Dec 3, 2019

Live All In

Description of Live All In
As a member of LIVE ALL IN, you'll receive a brand new Hilary Weeks song every month. You will also have access to a song study that includes scriptures, quotes and questions to help you study the message of the song that month! Every month, you'll receive the sheet music and instrumental track for that song. Plus you'll get the beautifully designed lyrics, coloring page and two 5x7 printables that you can frame for your home or use as lesson handouts.

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You can purchase a 2020 Live All In Annual Membership for early bird price of $49 (reg. $59) and if you use the coupon SALE15, you get another 15% off! Only $42!! You and your family can also enjoy an entire year's worth of gorgeous, monthly music, sheet music, coloring pages, printables for your home, song studies, and lyrics for under $4 a month!

"Quiet reflective moments are powerful moments." 
Yet, do we take them?

Hilary Weeks asks in her video, how many of these things stop you from taking moments of 'stillness?'
  • l'm too tired.
  • I can't meet all the other expectations.
  • I don't feel like I'm worth it.
  • I have a hard time being consistent.
  • I'm not even sure where to start.
  • I feel selfish is I take time for me.
  • I have low self-worth.
  • Health issues make it challenging.
  • I don't know how to set realistic goals.
  • I'm afraid I'll fail.
Her new LIVE ALL IN journey "has the power to overcome everyone of those struggles."

Each month you will receive a Musical Toolkit. Each kit gives specific prompts to help you "pause and deliberately take a step to becoming the best version of yourself." 
My Thoughts
I adore Hilary Weeks and I love her music! So much peace can be felt by listening to, and singing, her songs. I am absolutely thrilled with the "song study" which includes thoughts, scriptures, quotes and lots of space to journal. Taking the time to color helps calm my mind and focus on the message. And to have the sheet music, lyrics and memes... WOW!  I started this journey two months ago and am excited to continue on. I highly recommend LIVE ALL IN!

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