Dec 31, 2019

Don't Miss This 2020 Journal

by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler

Over 70k YouTube users are subscribed to Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler’s Don’t Miss This YouTube channel. The goal isn’t that you won’t miss a single episode of the YouTube series but rather that you won’t miss the best parts of the scriptures studied in Come Follow Me.

Perfect for your family study and for individuals of all ages, the Don’t Miss This Study Journal, created in partnership with LDS Living, begins with a weekly study schedule and is filled with fun and interactive study guide sheets that complement the Don’t Miss This weekly YouTube videos.

Inside you’ll find prompts for taking notes, recording doctrinal insights, and keeping track of the context and content of your Come Follow Me study. With spaces dedicated for recording both daily and weekly impressions, this journal invites you to keep track of the great things God did in the lives of the people in the Book of Mormon and in your own story today.

My Thoughts
I have been a follower of Don't Miss This for most of last year. I love it! I am anxious to continue watching Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler as they delve into the study of the Book of Mormon this year.

One of my favorite things they offer is the study page-- it used to be that you had to print these yourself each week, but now they are in this amazing study journal.
You will also have access to more pages like a journal page, a schedule page, and a thought page.

I received my copy this morning and have already started on the first lesson. Wow is it powerful! So many insights that I have never thought about. I am truly grateful for this journal to help me as I focus on the Book of Mormon this year.

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