Dec 19, 2019

Christmas Magic

by Lucy McConnell

This sweet romance has a dusting of Christmas magic and a dash of holiday delight.

Breck Mitchell is a street magician hoping for a Christmas miracle that would take his small MyHeartChannel to the next level. He's planned a series of Christmas themed magic tricks, but he needs an assistant to pull them off. When a woman volunteers to pick a card, he forgets about all his worries and focuses on helping her smile.

Harmony Hall didn’t mean to stop at the magic show; but, she’s glad she did. Breck’s infectious smile and enthusiasm chase her holiday blues away. But, when he asks her to be his official assistant, she runs. Her record with handsome, charming men is disastrous. Later, she watches the episode on his channel and is reminded of the woman she used to be--the one who looked at the world like it was a big adventure. Something inside of her sparks back to life and she accepts the position.

Breck's interest in Harmony quickly grows from wanting her as an assistant to wanting to kiss her under the mistletoe. But, she's locked her heart in a box and she doesn't have a key.

Can this magician's love unlock the secret door to Harmony’s heart before she leaves town or will he be left on the outside when Christmas morning dawns?

My Thoughts
A completely adorable book- Perfect for the holiday season! Let the magic capture your heart.

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