Apr 8, 2019

Reading for Free during April

I LOVE reading for Free with Bookshelf PLUS! It is super easy! 
I pay for the PLUS subscription once a year 
and then download all the books I want--

No Wait list * No due dates * No limits 
*FREE trial subscription for 30-days*

Click HERE to see how Bookshelf Plus works
Then join me in reading for FREE during the month of APRIL

$9.99 - a month for Bookshelf PLUS (1st month is FREE) 
$136.85 - if these book had been purchased on Kindle 

* I pay the yearly subscription of $99 -
I have completely made up that price and
still have many more months of FREE reading.

13- Miss Adeline's Match
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
I listened to Joanna Barker's book The Truth about Miss Ashbourne a couple of months ago and loved it-- so when I saw this book I just had to grab it--

12- I Can Choose Joy with God by Ganel-Lyn Condie
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
I love the books that Ganel-Lyn Condie puts together!

This one shares stories of hope from faithful women.

I am eager to get it started--

This book is AMAZING! I. Loved. Loved. Loved. it!
The stories are heart-felt and incredibly uplifting.
This book really will help inspire you to "Choose Joy with God" even amidst your own trials and pain.

11- Parable of the Chocolate Chips by Sharon Larsen
eBook is FREE with PLUS
Spring Break ended today for me-
I need to hit the books again-- sadly not the "fun" books

I do love my classes though so it is worth it.
You will just see a slowing down of my reading--
Today I chose to download this book-

I love how this message was presented! Without lecturing the author shows just how cunning the devil is. Her story explains how little by little we can be led to do his will.
We must be ever so careful!
Everyone needs to read this book-

10- Watch Your Back by Clair M. Poulson
Audiobook if FREE with PLUS
I love Spring Break!
I am getting through so much of my To-Be-Read list.

I love that there is no limit to how much I can download in a month.

Today I am in the mood for a good mystery/suspense and I love Clair M. Poulson's books.

I am excited to start this one today
What a fun book!

Murder, missing person, false accusations, another murder, and more-

Can you figure it out before the book ends?

I recommend anything written by Clair M Poulson!

9- When Life Gets You Down, Rise Up! 
by Kacey McCallister
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS

I saw the cover of this book and knew I absolutely had to read it!

Just looking at the author I knew I was in for a great story and motivation to live my life a little better.

As this book is read by the author I look forward to listening to him tell his own story directly to me as if I was right there with him.
This book is PHENOMENAL!
I loved every minute of it!
Every story is fabulous, every detail is incredible!
Kacey McCallister really is a positive influence-
He is simply AMAZING!
I highly recommend this book!

8- Smart Move by Melanie Jacobson
eBook is FREE with PLUS
Spring Break ends in about 9 days for me so I have to get in a much "fun" reading as I can before I have to go back to "textbook" reading :)

This book is a little older, and I was surprised that I hadn't already read it.

However, as my heart, and brain, are ready for a little fun. so I thought this was a great choice.

I love Melanie Jacobson's books and am anxious to start this one.
What a fun book!
I love the twist that the voice on the phone, that has become her biggest obstacle, is the man she fell head-over-heals for in an earlier period of her life-- without her knowing that it is the same person.
This makes for great "battle of wits" to see it to the end.
And wait until you meet Sandy's mom--
This book is definitely an enjoyable read!

7- Don't Look Back (You're Not Going That Way!) by Eric D. Richards
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
My husband and I came home from dinner and asked each other that age-old question of "now what do you want to do?"

While we were deciding, my husband wandered over to the table with the jigsaw puzzle on it. I agreed that working on the puzzle would be a fun way to spend the evening.

But I wanted just a little more-- So I downloaded this talk for us to listen to.
I am one who looks "back" often. I allow my past to haunt me.
It is not healthy and it is not good. I so want to change.

I highly encourage everyone to listen to it!
It really will help you to " intentionally look forward so the pain of the past doesn't steal the promises of tomorrow."

6- Escape to Everly Manor by Chalon Linton
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
Holy as You Are was SO GOOD I couldn't stop reading until it was finished-- so I am ready for a new book already-- I told you I was taking advantage of reading as much as I can during Spring Break

In the past I have read a lot of Romantic Suspense. It is one of my most favorite genre's -- however, a couple of years ago I was introduced to Regency Romance and am loving them!

Let's see if I can get anything else done today, besides read :)

Of course, when I listen to audio, I can listen while cleaning, walking, driving, etc...

5- HOLY AS YOU ARE by Christie Gardiner
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
I am taking online classes to get a Bachelor's degree in University Studies with a minor in Family History Research-- and I am on Spring Break :)

So I am taking full advantage of of reading as much as I can while getting as much housework done as I can.

This is the book I started today--

I love the quote from the book blurb:

"What if ordinary is extraordinary? 
What if you are Holy As You Are?"
My heart needed this book- With the rain pouring outside, I sat quietly in my living room with the candles lit, curled up on the couch, allowing this book to bring peace to my soul with the words and messages held within.

I love that the author, herself, read this book to me. She brought out the passion she felt as she wrote this book and conveyed to me the love my Father has for me. As she read I felt a desire to seek out the purpose I am to have at this time of my life.

I also understood the message of the book that even though I feel ordinary, I am truly extraordinary to many as I find and serve them.

Every woman needs to read this book!

4- BLOODLINE by Kathi Oram Peterson
Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
This is the book I downloaded this morning.

Two years ago I would tell you I did not like audiobooks. If I wasn't reading from an actual page I would get distracted and let my mind wander.

Today I feel completely differently--
I have learned to focus on the book and actually get more done throughout the day.

So far this morning I have listened to 6 chapters-- I have also gone for a walk, done the dishes, worked on a jigsaw puzzle, and gotten ready for the day.

As soon as I finish this post I will turn the book back on, eat lunch, wash the windows in two sets of French doors, vacuum, and start the laundry.

While I don't relish doing housework I can testify that doing it while listening to a good book makes a world of difference!
From the very first page to very end-- I loved it all!
I highly recommend this one!

3- SAFE HOUSE by Shannon Symonds
eBook is FREE with PLUS
So well written and on a sensitive subject for spousal abuse this book is extremely intriguing. 

Each page captured me and held my attention from the story of the abused to the story of those trying to rescue them. 

I have better understanding now am so grateful the author shared this book.

2- SANCTUARY by Traci Hunter Abramson

Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
I love Traci Hunter Abramson's insight look into the military!

I cannot even imagine those who have given up their lives to become GHOSTS so they might continue to protect others.

And then there are those who fall in love with them and want to be with them-- only to have to keep their love a secret.

This book is a perfect blend of suspense and romance --
I highly recommend it!

1- A MONSTER LIKE ME by Wendy S. Swore

Audiobook is FREE with PLUS
I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

The vivid imaginations of a little girl will draw you in and capture your heart. I also love that this book is based on real events from the author's life. I appreciate her willingness to share not only her talent for writing, but her very tender feelings.

This book is PERFECT for a whole family to read-- together if possible.


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