Apr 19, 2019

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday

by Stephen R. Christiansen

No combined events over the course of a single week can compare to those that transpired in the life of Jesus Christ during Holy Week. It began with His triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem and ended with His glorious Resurrection from the dead. But what occurred between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday?

Author Stephen R. Christiansen’s inspiring work invites readers to explore and understand the events of the final week of Jesus Christ’s mortal ministry in vivid detail, with discussion of events ranging from the Last Supper to Christ’s Atonement to His Crucifixion.

Far more than a simple chronological account, this volume inspires thoughtful study, emotional connection, and personal revelation. With chapters designed to be read during each day of Holy Week, it gives readers the unique opportunity to delve into Christ’s final acts and contemplate compelling daily questions.

Come to more fully understand the Savior’s final week, His ultimate sacrifice, and His role in your life as you discover the eternal implications of what occurred from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

I am in the middle of this book-
It has been AMAZING to read the key points of each day of the Savior's last week before the crucifixion and resurrection.
Everyone needs to read this book!


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