Apr 21, 2019

The Parable of the Chocolate Chips

by Sharon Larsen

A parable can be a memorable way to teach a spiritual truth, as demonstrated by author Sharon Larsen, former counselor in the Young Women general presidency.
In this fictitious, but true-to-life story, a young princess discovers that the little choices we make every day are often more important than we think. 

Any decision can make us stronger in our commitment to righteousness — or it can weaken our resolve to follow the strait and narrow path. 

Illustrated by Howard Fullmer (illustrator of The King's Highway, a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book-of-the-Year Award), this timely message is a model for overcoming our own challenges and temptations.

I love how this message was presented!
Without lecturing the author shows just how cunning the devil is.
Her story explains how little by little we can be led to do his will.
We must be ever so careful!
Everyone needs to read this book-


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