Jan 1, 2016

Lee Has to Sop Eating Candy

Lee Has to Stop Eating Candy
by Leela Hope

Do your kids have trouble with eating healthy foods?
Do they have a sweet tooth?
Everyone likes candy, but sometimes we eat too much of it.

Lee has to Stop Eating Candy is the story of a young boy faced with a choice.

Lee finds a bag of candy while his mother is outside. What should he do?

Lee’s choice sets off a chain of calamities for our hero. Will he ever be able to eat candy again?

The story provides a good way for parents and children to talk about the importance of eating right and can also be used as a good tool by public health professionals.

It is a great story for bedtime and can be read to the whole family. 

A terrific choice for early readers

My Review
I LOVE Leela Hope as you can tell!
And I will be honest--I actually got this book for ME!
I too have eaten myself into a candy trance once or twice :)
See what happens to Lee and what his mother does when she finds him--

It is the first of the year and I have made it a goal to stop eating candy--WHO IS WITH ME???


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