Jan 25, 2016

The Matchup

by Laura L. Walker

I really enjoyed this book!
Such fun writing! 

Gage is known as the 'wild child'--
But his life comes to a chasing halt when he finds out that he has a son and now has full custody of him
(I will let you read about how that all came about :)

Valerie has two children and one is autistic--
Due to that fact and other circumstances Valerie is now a single mom struggling to keep it all together.

Gage and Valerie used to go to school together where Gage wasn't very nice to Valerie.

Now Gage is at her mercy as he chooses her to watch his son while he works.

Valerie hates the fact that she will be working for Gage, however it will give her the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom for her own children.

Can they each put the past behind them and move towards the future?

An added bonus to this book is that you get to see a glimpse into Pierce and Noelle's continued story from Pierced by Love-- I loved that!

I also found it interesting that the author has an autistic child--making the story more enduring!

This is a book you are truly going to want to read :)



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