Jan 25, 2016

Younique Moonstruck Minerals Pigment Eyeshadow

My friend Alina, from Younique by Alina, gave me some 
to review--

I loved the packaging! Such cute little bottles!

Then I opened it up and was even more impressed that there is a covering over the opening with holes in it so you only touch what you are going to use thus keeping the powder clean and safe.

Application was super easy--

I went a little conservative as I am a strawberry blonde who is quickly going gray and my skin is ruddy with yellow undertones--so I want to look natural instead of made up.

(SO WISH I had dark coloring and could really pull off the 'smoldering' eye look :)

I also choose a 'shimmering' eye shadow--

It went on as a golden brown that I thought matched my skin and hair color really well.

Look at the inner corners of my eyelid and under my eye--I felt so pretty!

But as you know-- My big question is always -- DOES IT LAST?

Every other makeup I have ever tried has either faded away or absorbed into my skin by early afternoon--Well not this one!

I was happily surprised when I got ready for bed that I actually had to take off my makeup--
YES! It was still there!

And as you can see while I am super tired and ready to quit the eye shadow is still going strong :)

Would I recommend this product to a friend? ABSOLUTELY!
Would I wear it again? ABSOLUTELY!
Will I get more colors? ABSOLUTELY!

See more Younique products on Alina's website --  Youniqueproducts.com/alinaeb


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Younique/Jamberry party on Facebook
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