Jul 13, 2015

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by Sally Johnson

Sophia thought she was over her broken heart, but the news that her roommate has eloped with Sophia's ex-husband hits her like a ton of bricks. She knows she should be fine with the unexpected revelation—after all, her boyfriend, Luke, is incredible—but it would seem her heart is not as resilient as she thought. And as Luke prepares to leave for his European study abroad, Sophia's feelings of fear and inadequacy threaten to overwhelm her.

A summer with her family in Las Vegas gives Sophia the time she needs, but she still can't shake the questions haunting her, the questions that continually threaten to put more than physical distance between Luke and her. Is she really ready to jump into a new relationship when the last one ended so painfully? Will her divorce always define her? Is she the one with the problem?

As she wistfully observes others' love stories blossoming around her, Sophia must decide whether she's prepared to take another chance on love. Luke's return from Europe forces Sophia to confront the decision she's not sure she's prepared for—will her troubled past destroy the happy ending of which she's always dreamed?

My review

Our lives are filled with up and downs, drama and blessings, family and friends, good and bad...It is these experiences that shape who we are and how we react to future events.

Sometime we get so caught up in the trauma of our lives that we overlook all the good that is surrounding us...We can move past the bad and grow or we can hold on to the past and remain captive...it is up to us.

This book portrays this beautifully!
I loved how real it is!

I really feel for Sophia and all she has gone through.
And I so adore Luke and his willingness to stand by her no matter what.

But love cannot be forced--


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About the Author
What I Love . . . My Family, Writing, Reading, Chocolate, Being Crafty, Coupon Shopping, Trying New Recipes . . . (Although anything after chocolate has been all but abandoned since I started writing again!)

I have always loved to write. I have also always had an overactive imagination, which helps ALOT when making up fictional stories. In real life there aren't any do-overs. But in fiction there is editing, revising and good ol' deleting. In fiction, I can make my characters be anything or do anything I want. (I think that's called manipulating in real life). It makes me love the possibilities.
Sally received her bachelor's degree in English from Brigham Young University.

She and her husband, Steve, have four children and currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also check out Book 1 in this series: The Skeleton in my Closet Wears a Wedding Dress.


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