Jul 3, 2015

What Took You So Long

A review copy was provided
Published by Walnut Springs

by Pamela S. Williams

John Marchbanks and Lainie McGuire are two never-marrieds in their late thirties, both active in the LDS Church. He’s the attorney who incorporates her new reception-center business. A convert, talented artist, pianist, actor in community theater, and Primary teacher, John lives on the East Bench of Provo. Lainie, a life-long Church member and dedicated people person, volunteers for good causes and serves the elderly Single Adults in her west Provo ward. She’s a breast-cancer survivor who appreciates every day, even a bad one.

Just as John realizes he loves Lainie, he is diagnosed with malignant melanoma. What they learn about themselves and each other through his treatment and recovery makes them see they’ve wasted too much time already. Life is really all about living it up, celebrating the joys and sweetness of life while they can—together.

My Review
Another great book by this AMAZING author!

We were given a brief touch of Lainie and John's story in the book Living It Down-- and at the time I so wanted to know more about them and could just see them truly getting together.

How pleased I was to get a whole book about them :)

Their stories are parallel and beautifully blended all at the same time. They are both older and a little settled in their ways, wanting love in their lives-- just struggling to let go of some past issues.

Some of which is cancer--

Lainie is now 5-years cancer free, but now John has been diagnosed with it.

Can Lainie help John?
Will John let her?
Can their hearts heal as much as needed?

As the author says "If you like a grown-up love story, you'll like this book."

The most interesting fact about this book is that the author herself was diagnosed with cancer the very day this book hit the shelves-- You can read about her journey on her blog: http://pamwrite.blogspot.com/

About the Author
Pamela Stott Williams is a native of Portland, Oregon, and a graduate of Brigham Young University. She has been a newspaper reporter, writing teacher, poet, playwright, essayist, editor, novelist and member of the League of Utah Writers and an LDS women's writers group, ANWA, the American Night Writers Association, so named because women writers often find time to write mostly after the children have gone to bed. Pam has won contest prizes from both groups for her work. She feels a particular calling to speak to Latter-day Saint readers about the challenges of being alive and living the gospel. As the nearly OCD Queen of Tweak, she rarely begins a sentence with "the," and shuns question marks at the end of rhetorical questions. Pam and her husband Roger currently reside in Provo, Utah, but have lived on Guam, in Iran, in Navajoland, and most recently spent thirty-three years in Richfield, Utah. Pam and Roger are the parents of three and grandparents of seven.

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