Jul 24, 2015

Beauty for Ashes

Coming Soon
by Scott Livingston

Of the many tests that make up mortality, how we respond to the ones that occur in our human interactions and relationships will largely determine our happiness in the life to come.

Daily oppositions are unavoidable and can be a painful test of our determination to rise above hurt or offense.

But learning to love our enemies—to do good to those who hate us or despitefully use us—is easier said than done. It takes a change of heart and a reliance on the Savior’s perfect example of love and forgiveness. 

With incredible insight and warmth, author Scott Livingston guides readers down the path of healing as they learn to transform the “ashes” of negative interactions into something beautiful. 

Replete with scriptural references, prophetic counsel, and poignant stories, Beauty for Ashes provides readers with incomparable guidance through the journey of Christlike forgiveness.



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