May 29, 2015

Trouble in Loveland Book Blast w/ $50 Giveaway

Trouble in Loveland
by Jennifer Peel

What teenage girl hasn't gone to great lengths to get noticed by her crush? Charlee Jensen is no exception. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately in the end, Ryan her much older neighbor and unrequited love has no idea she exists during her teenage years, at least not the way she wants him to. That all changes, though, when Charlee returns home, after eight years, to work for her estranged father and Ryan ... her teen crush. This time, Ryan has no problem noticing her. His only problem is that he isn't quite sure what to do with this woman who is suddenly all grown up, beautiful and annoyingly charming. Throw in a cute three year old, and an ex-wife that's not quite ready to let go, and you have a whole lot of trouble in Loveland. Trouble in Loveland is a clean, heartfelt romance filled with humor and tenderness.

Ryan’s eyes seared into mine. “I was hoping I would get to dance with you tonight.” “You were?” “Yes, but you’ve been quite popular.” He pulled back a tad and looked down at my dress. “You look very …” “Please don’t say grown up.” He smiled and shook his head. “I wasn’t going to say that, I was going to say …” he tried to think of something. “You were going to say it, weren’t you?” He sighed. “Charlee, you really know how to make a guy feel inadequate don’t you.” “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be. I find I like it.” “You do?” He nodded his head. “I also find you to be very …” he hesitated. “Very what?” “Beautiful and annoyingly charming.” “How can somebody be annoying and charming at the same time?” “See what I mean?” He winked. In my heels, we were practically eye level, and our faces were mere inches apart. I could smell the sweet smell of honey on his breath; I wanted more than anything to taste it, and the way he was looking at me at that moment, I thought maybe he felt the same way. His eyes quickly turned to confusion though before he pulled me a little closer. I rested my head against his and swayed against him. It was even better than I imagined. I wanted the dance to last forever. “By the way,” I whispered in his ear. “I find you very beautiful too.”

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About the Author
I'm a Colorado native who currently calls Alabama home. I'm the mother of three amazing children who have grown up way too fast. I enjoy the mountains, vacations at the beach, date night with my husband, late night talks with my kiddos, touring model homes, and pink bubblegum ice cream. I grew up on the Western Slope in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I learned to love the beauty of the outdoors, but not camping--unless staying overnight at the Marriott counts. I met my husband while living in Denver and then several years later we traded the beauty and majesty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains for the art and culture of Chicago, Illinois. My family and I enjoyed living near this world class city, despite the crazy cold winters, but new adventures awaited in Northern Alabama--just six hours away from Orange Beach, Alabama. These three magical places (the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Chicago, and Orange Beach) are the inspired locations used in several of my books.

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