May 14, 2015

Willa the Wolf Gets New Shoes

A review copy was provided

by Leela Hope

Does your child have trouble with a mean girl at school? Are they afraid to be themselves?

Willa the wolf is so happy about her new shoes until Cynthia Swan tells everyone that the shoes are ugly. 

Willa is very upset and is not sure how to handle the situation. 

Join Willa as she learns how to deal with mean kids and even helps Cynthia in the end. 

The story is brought to life by beautiful illustrations and told in flowing verse. 

A terrific story for the entire family to read together. Perfect for kids 0-5.

My Review
This book really is WONDERFUL!
The story is simple, yet so profound!
Not only does it address the issue of bullying, but it also shows how to be a friend--even to that bully.
There is a lesson here to be learned by ALL of us; young and old alike.

What girl doesn't like shiny new shoes?

About the Author
leela hope is a writer with over 22 years of experience in writing endearing children's fiction. Her lively characters have entranced and captivated her audience, and she has taken great joy in writing the three series of books, each beautifully illustrated with love and care. Her stories concentrate on the adventures of floppy eared bunnies and wide-eyed children learning lessons in life, before returning home wiser and eager for sleep. leela hope writes her stories to entertain the very young, but also to educate. Her vision is always of a parent sitting on a child's bed, reciting the stories each night, while the young one drifts off to sleep, lulled into a dream world full of fun and adventure.

Born in San Diego, California, and still residing in the area, leela studied English Literature at Berkeley, earning a degree in 1989. Her writing covers a span of several genres, but she always returns to her first love, children's fiction. She enjoys scuba diving and visiting wildlife parks, seeking new inspiration for cuddly characters for her stories. leela hope lives in an urban area of San Diego and is presently at work on a new book.

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