Jan 27, 2015

Leslie Sansone's Walking DVD's

You have learned that I LOVE to walk

But walking outdoors isn't always optimal and walking in a mall isn't always convenient~

How happy am I that I discovered Leslie Sansone's Walking DVD's.

Easy enough for the beginner but experts can bump it up a bit for a harder workout.

My husband and I do these together.

You walk/march/kick right in the comfort of your own temperature-controlled home.

Two of my favorite DVD's are:
Walk Away the Pounds where you incorporate lifting weights

and Walk By Faith Series where you walk to "inspirational music that will keep your body and soul motivated as you explore the powerful union of fitness and faith."

Leslie has LOTS of DVD's to choose from.

Are you a walker like me?

Leave a comment of where and how you get your walk in :)

(Click on DVD cover to read details)


  1. I've used Walk Away the Pounds and really love it! Completing that 4 mile is just the best feeling ever!

    1. I SO APPRECIATE your comment!
      I am grateful you are a Leslie Sansone walker too!
      Come back to see me again soon :)



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