Jan 2, 2015

In the Midst of Thee

Book Details
Author: Glenn Rawson
Release Date: 2009
Publisher: Harmony River
Genre: Inspiration

I had the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with Glenn Rawson at a book signing he did...and as the time grew to a close Glenn graciously offered me this book.

Little did he know that I was a book reviewer/blogger...

AND...little did he know that I was in one of those "life-spots" that we often find ourselves in where we wonder "why" and "how" and "how come?"

And little did he know that I had been praying for answers...

This book brought those answers!

This book "is a collection of stories from the lives of real people and real events. They are ordinary people and their challenges. Handling life as it came to them."

Reading of their struggles and how they were "comforted, instructed, and inspired." I too found hope for my situation.

I SO WISH I could share every story with you...for they are ALL WONDERFUL!

But time and space and copyright laws of course only allow me to share just one story :)

A friend of Glenn's was driving down the Interstate from Idaho to Utah and as she drove she began to ponder the Savior's commandment to 'love one another.' Could she really get through this "infamous construction zone with its equally infamous traffic" with love? An idea struck! Instead of thinking "stupid driver," she would look at them and say "I love you." One by one as each driver passed she filled her heart with love for them. "The remarkable thing about his experience was the more she said 'I love you' the more she really felt it." She had the most fun, and the best drive, and the feelings of love only increased as she joined her family at the end of her trip.

This book is filled with almost 100 equally inspiring stories...

You will read of the time Glenn got kidney stones, or how he used a glass of orange juice to teach the effects of that 'one objectionable scene' in movies.

You will learn of "Enos" and the "Mama's Boys" and "The Widow's Mite."

You will understand that "Life Isn't Fair" but that you can have fun while being "Whitewashed."

But most of all you will come to know that though life may be hard and you may be asked to do things you just don't want to do...

There is a loving Heavenly Father who stands by your side ready and willing and able to help.

About the Author
Glenn Rawson grew up on a ranch. His love of the outdoors carries to this day. It isn’t unusual to find him outside in his free time, running, bird watching, hiking, or just taking a deep breath. Professionally, he has been a teacher for nearly 30 years, and that brought him to telling stories. He borrowed this philosophy for telling stories from Abraham Lincoln who said, “They say I tell a great many stories. I reckon I do, but I have learned from long experience that plain people…are more easily influenced through the medium of a broad and humorous illustration than in any other way.”

He loves people and especially his family. Glenn and his wife Debbie have seven children and two grandchildren.


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