Dec 29, 2014

Drop Zone

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Book Details
Author: Traci Hunter Abramson
Release Date: October 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Suspense

The Saint Squad just got a new member and Vanessa Johnson just got a new assistant...

But change is hard especially when lives are at stake.

So Damian Schmitt (new squad member) is left behind when the team is called into action.

Of course it didn't help that on his first training mission someone is almost killed...and the team suspects it wasn't an accident.

Since Damian and Paige Vickers (Vanessa's assistant) are both new it seems only reasonable that they would be drawn together to help each other out.

As Damian helps Paige move into her new apartment word comes that the squad is missing in action.

Vanessa is worried about her husband and jumps at the change to go find him herself.

Now it is up to Damian and his SEAL training and Paige with her background in psychiatric nursing to put all the pieces together and help bring the team home.

Twists in the plot will keep you turning page after page to see if these two newbies can stand up to the pressure and truly become part of the Saint Squad family.


About the Author
Growing up, Traci always dreamed of being a novelist, but the practical side of her prompted her to study finance and international business at BYU. She was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency right out of college and she thoroughly enjoyed working there. Her love of reading and writing never left her, however, and after leaving the CIA, she indulged in both hobbies. She spent about seven years writing her novel, Undercurrents, and ultimately pursued publication. She has been writing and publishing ever since.


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