Dec 16, 2014

Hope Rising w/ Book Giveaway

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Hope Rising
by Stacy Henrie

In France at the height of World War I, American nurse Evelyn Gray is no stranger to suffering.

She's helped save the life of many a soldier, but when she learns her betrothed has been killed, her own heart may be broken beyond repair. 

Summoning all her strength, Evelyn is determined to carry on, not just for herself and her country, but for her unborn child. 

Corporal Joel Campbell dreams of the day the war is over and he can return home and start a family. 

When a brutal battle injury puts that hope in jeopardy, Joel is lost to despair . . . until he meets Evelyn. 

Beautiful, compassionate, and in need of help, she makes an unconventional proposal that could save their lives-or ruin them irrevocably. 

Now, amidst the terror and turmoil of the Western Front, these two lost souls will have to put their faith in love to find the miracle they've been looking for.

Watch for my upcoming review :)

I am LOVING the OF LOVE AND WAR series!
You can read my review of Book One: Hope at Dawn HERE

A Christmas Hope


Filled with love and romance and heart-ache and crushed dreams and teasing and determination and hope and healing.


World War I is waging and many women have filled in at the work force.

Maria is one of the first women to work as a bank clerk and she is determined to prove her worth.

She is also determined to bring the Christmas spirit into the bank.

Dale Emerson is now her new boss.

After being hurt in a battle and losing one eye, Dale has come home to take over at the bank.

But Dale has always dreamed of being a surgeon, not a banker.

Maria has the ability to see past Dale's injury and is as determined to secure his future as she is her own.

But when a medial school teaching offer AND an old girlfriend show up Maria wonders if all of her efforts have been in vain.

Now Dale must decided what he wants more...


About the Author
Stacy Henrie has always had an avid appetite for history, fiction and chocolate. She earned her B.A. in public relations from Brigham Young University and worked in communications before turning her attentions to raising a family and writing inspirational historical romances. Wife of an entrepreneur husband and a stay-at-home mom to three, Stacy loves the chance to live out history through her fictional characters, while enjoying the modern conveniences of life in the 21st century. In addition to author, she is a reader, a road trip enthusiast and a novice interior decorator.


1. If it isn’t CHOCOLATE, it isn’t dessert.

2. I have a severe fear of heights, flying, and sharks. Thankfully we don’t encounter many sharks in Utah.

3. I am not a big fan of candy – I’d rather have a treat with substance, like cookies or brownies. The one exception is Dove dark chocolates.

4. The only time I knowingly read books with tragic endings is for book club! Other than that, I have to have a happy ending.

5. I think every good romance novel needs a kiss in the middle of the story – sort of a treat to the reader for sticking with this couple thus far.

6. I did acting in junior high, high school, and college – and loved it! Though I sometimes miss doing plays, monologues, and scenes, I enjoy “getting into the part” of my characters.

7. I wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until my oldest child was born that I finally wrote my first full-length novel. Which will definitely remain unpublished.

8. I have never read a Harry Potter novel.

9. I love good romance movies. But, to my husband’s great joy, I was raised on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so I also like action movies from time to time.

10. I have the same birthday as my great-grandfather who was also an author of historical romance back in the late 40’s and 50’s.

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Excerpt from Hope Rising
Evelyn lowered her gaze to the root she’d tripped over rather than continue to stare at her gallant rescuer. “It’s mostly Louis and Pierre who’ve been interested in reading, but they’ve caught on well.” She slid a few more inches away from him, finagling her feet around the gnarled roots. Breathing was difficult with Joel so close.

He shifted to lean his shoulder against the tree trunk. “Is something wrong?”

She pressed her lips together and shook her head. “Are you angry at me? For coming over to the group, instead of staying away like we talked about?” Evelyn flicked a glance at those hazel eyes.

“No, not at all.”

Silence reigned for several heartbeats, then she felt his finger beneath her chin. He gently prodded her head upward until she had to look at him. Her stomach flip flopped as she peered fully into his handsome face. Light fuzz covered his chin and jaw. He needed another shave. A strange, irrational thought that she must be the one to do it filled her mind.

“Are you afraid of something, Evelyn?”


She kept the word sealed inside as her thoughts spiraled like a tornado. What if he didn’t reciprocate these growing feelings? What if he decided not to marry her next week?

There’d been times over the last few days when she thought Joel was beginning to soften toward her, even like her. She’d notice a lingering look from him or a smile, but they would disappear as quickly as they came and his manner would return to its usual, kind aloofness. Perhaps she ought to be asking him a similar question. What was he afraid of?

“I’m fine, really.” She swallowed hard. “Just a bit tired is all.”

Instead of releasing her chin as she expected, Joel lowered his gaze to her mouth. The rush of sound in Evelyn’s ears grew as thunderous as a windstorm.

Was he going to kiss her? Should she let him?

Yes, her heart cried.

She wanted him to kiss her, had dreamt of this moment She held her breath as Joel leaned forward. Closing her eyes, she waited for his lips to reach hers. Would his kiss be as glorious as she’d imagined? Or better? She felt his breath brush her chin, sending her stomach into another frenzy of flutters.

The sudden blare of horns dropped like a bomb into the quiet of the trees, obliterating their shared moment. Evelyn opened her eyes and turned toward the hospital. “More wounded soldiers.”

Joel straightened, robbing her of the warmth of his closeness. “Which means more surgeries.”

His disappointed tone had her hopes soaring heavenward again. Did it mean he cared? “Yes, it does. Will you watch after Louis for me?”

“I don’t profess to be as good a teacher as you, but I’ll try.”

“Thank you.”

She turned to go, but Joel caught her hand, stopping her retreat.


“Yes?” She wished she didn’t sound so breathless.

Wished she didn’t have to leave him.

He released her hand to brush her cheek with his thumb, heating her skin with the tender touch.

“Good luck.”


  1. Entered. :) From the excerpt and your thoughts, it sounds like a good book! Thanks for the giveaway.

    - Ally

    1. THANK YOU for stopping and leaving a comment!
      I truly appreciate your words!
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  2. Shauna - So glad you enjoyed A CHRISTMAS HOPE and thanks for hosting HOPE RISING on your blog! Loved coming up with the 10 things. :)

    1. I truly am loving this series!
      And I LOVE learning fun, random facts about the authors.
      THANK YOU for sharing :)



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