Oct 4, 2014

Meet the Monsterlingz

Book Details
Release Date: October 2012
Genre: Children's Picture

This is how the story starts out...
Wonderful rhyming makes it ideal to read aloud!
Go ahead and try it out :)

Grab the book to meet the rest of the family...

Find out about their personalities and what they bring to this family of monsterlingz.

Read with a small child to hear giggles abound!

I LOVE how colorful these monsters are!

About the Author
Sarah Holmlund is a Swedish digital illustrator who loves cute, wacky characters - especially monsters. She has now combined her love of rhyming with monsters and started creating fun, colorful books full of charming monster characters.

Sarah is a stock illustrator and digital artist from Sweden. She creates pictures in different 3d-programs – mostly in Poser and Vue. She does all her post editing in Photoshop.

If you would like to see more of her pictures, and maybe buy some of them, you can check out her portfolio on Shutterstock, CanStockPhoto or BigStock. Or you can E-MAIL her.


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