Oct 2, 2014

Mountains Between Us

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Book Details
Author: Jenny Proctor
Release Date: August 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Filled with depth and love and hope!

Eliza has just taken a position at Rockbridge Academy, a rehabilitation facility for troubled teens.

She finds the work challenging, but rewarding, and living in the woodsy out-doors is a bonus.

She is intrigued with fellow employee, Henry.

He is of her same faith, however, everyone tells her that he keeps to himself.

She also quickly realizes that another employee, Flip, finds her attractive and seeks her friendship.

When her past family troubles catch up with Eliza, Henry offers to help.

Not really knowing why he was so bold in that move Henry finds Eliza's company comforting.

As each open up their hearts they are drawn towards one another.

Yet something is holding Henry back.

He has never let anyone get so close, especially after losing Allison.

Can they find a way to get around the 'mountain that is between them?'


While Eliza and Henry's stories are the main theme there are also DELIGHTFUL details and insights into the lives of Flip and AJ and Amber and Bill and others that will also touch your heart!

The writing is FABULOUS!

About the Author
The question people ask the most is when on earth I ever find time to write. The honest answer is that many days, I don't. I have six babies, see? And they keep a Mom most mighty busy. But somehow, by some miracle, my genetic code allows for me to exist on minimal hours of sleep. For the most part, my first book was written in between the hours of 11 PM, and 3 AM. My husband swears I took years off my life by staying up so late. And perhaps he's right. But what's a girl to do? When there are stories to be written, I can't very well not write them. I'm not very good at staying up late these days, so I've started writing early in the morning, before children are awake. I never thought I'd be a morning person, but there's truly something magical about 5:30 in the morning. . . (Did I really just say that?)

I've lived in Western North Carolina all my life. I love it here and hope I don't ever have a reason to leave. I love to hike with my family and spend time outside. I love to eat fabulous food. I love to swim and bike and run. (This is only because I love eating fabulous food, and well, that'll catch up with you.) And, of course, I love to write.

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