Sep 30, 2014

The James Miracle w/ SIGNED Book Giveaway

Book Details
Author: Jason F. Wright
Release Date: September 30th 2014 ~ 10th Anniversary Edition
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Genre: Fiction

On December 24, 2003, Jason F. Wright went to a copy shop and had them print and bind ONE copy of The James Miracle manuscript.

He had been secretly writing before work, during lunch, and when his small family slept.

He wrapped this precious gift for his wife as a Christmas present.

This is what Jason wrote about Christmas morning:

"The next morning, after our two little girls had opened their presents, I handed the package to my wife and nervously watched her open it. Her eyes went wide at the dedication and title page. 'You wrote this?' she asked, flipping through the pages. 'All of it?'

I laughed and assured her it was an original work. Then I explained that the book wasn't really the gift--it was the message."

The book was cherished and shown to a few close friends.

With their encouragement James had the book published..."and, against all odds, his writing career was born." 


We get to once again read the wonderful story of a family who are going different directions because of different demands...

Until one fateful accident rocked them to the bottom of their world...

A stranger and a string of  events will show them what really matters in this life.

"The James Miracle isn't just a novel - it's a message."

I absolutely LOVED this book!
GREAT writing!

I had the great honor of meeting Jason and I am giving away a SIGNED COPY 
 (US address only PLEASE)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author
Jason Wright is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USAToday bestselling author.

He is the author of The James Miracle (2004); Christmas Jars (2005); The Wednesday Letters (2007); Recovering Charles (2008), Christmas Jars Reunion (2009); Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle (2009); The Cross Gardener (2010); The Seventeen Second Miracle (2010); The Wedding Letters (2011); and The 13th Day of Christmas (2012).

Articles by Jason have appeared in over 50 newspapers and magazines across the United States including The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Forbes. He has been seen on FoxNews, CNN, CSPAN and on many local and national radio shows.

Jason is also a popular speaker who speaks to over 100,000 annually on topics ranging from the value of service, the joy of failure, the lost art of letter writing and many other topics.

He lives with his wife, Kodi, and their four children in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


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