Oct 29, 2019

The Angel of Grey Garden

by Anita Stansfield

Samuel Blackwood will never love again. Following the untimely death of his wife, the grieving Earl of Grey Manor knows there will never be room in his heart for another. Yet, in spite of his reluctance to seek a wife, Samuel knows his children need a mother. A garden party at the estate gives him the perfect opportunity to meet the local young ladies who might fill that role in his children's lives. Everyone is in attendance—everyone, that is, except one gentle young woman . . .

Constance Wright has endured whispers and horrified stares her entire life. Rejected by strangers for her appearance, she's grown accustomed to a sequestered existence in her parents' cottage on the vast grounds of Grey Manor. So when a party invitation arrives from the manor, there is no question—she refuses to attend.

Determined to meet his missing party guest, Samuel quickly finds himself drawn to Constance, a lovely woman with an unconventional appearance. Her sweet nature and immediate camaraderie with his children slowly begin to break down his defenses. Despite himself, he can see a future with Constance—but is he prepared to give her the love she deserves?

My Thoughts
I completely adored this book! It was especially intriguing how Samuel and Constance came together and the interaction between Constance and Samuel's children is so heart-warming. The theme of the "angel in the garden" is inspiring. So many wonderful moments! I highly recommend this book! I LOVED IT!

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