Jan 25, 2019

John 14:15

JOHN 14:15
by John Bytheway

In a world where speed limits, parking restrictions, and seat belts are often seen as inconveniences that limit our freedom, it's easy to get lost in the mindset that commandments only exist because God "said so."

In this engaging presentation, John Bytheway reminds us why our Heavenly Father gives commandments—because He loves us—and the best rest reason for obeying those commandments.

With his signature style of scriptural stories, quotations from Church leaders, and a good dose of humor, Brother Bytheway explores three reasons why we obey—because we ought to (it's the law), because we want to (because of consequences), and because we'd love to (because someone cares).

He encourages listeners to remember the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them and to choose to obey for the best reason—because we love Them too.
This talk is AMAZING!
I really like the "three reasons why we obey"
Something to really ponder--


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