Jan 23, 2019

The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

by Matt Townsend

Matt Townsend says we maneuver through the "paradox of life" in one of three ways—through our body, our mind, or our spirit. We get to choose.

He invites us to imagine a bull's-eye, with our spirit in the center, our mind in the next ring out, and our body in the outermost ring. Our target in life is to act with our spiritual being, but often, we are driven by our physical bodies—urges, tendencies, habits, or weaknesses of the flesh.

He says, "I believe that we have a body, and the body has a purpose, and it's different from the purpose of the spirit. The spirit is here to bring us peace and promptings and principles. The spirit is here to bring us power from our God. Our body is here to bring us pleasure, pain, a party once in a while, and procreation."

Between the body and the spirit is the mind, our "operating system." Brother Townsend says that Satan uses such things as envy, shame, guilt, impatience, and other "natural man" tendencies to move us away from our spiritual beings and hinder our eternal progress.

This talk is an inspiring and entertaining look at the interactions between the body, mind, and spirit that will help give us the right perspective to endure and enjoy life's journey.
This talk is PHENOMENAL!
Everyone needs to hear it-- 
it will change your life 
and the way you look at things!


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