Sep 24, 2015

Heart's Journey w/ $25 Amazon + Book Giveaway

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by Kristen McKendry

Adventure is in her blood, so when wealthy eighteen-year-old Rachel Hamilton’s treasure hunting father disappears in the wilderness of British Columbia, she considers only one course of action: she will embark on a quest to find him.

But for a well bred woman with little understanding of the world beyond her upper class existence, the harsh realities of the trail quickly become apparent. 

Woefully unprepared for the hardships of crossing a wild and unsettled continent, Rachel is hungry, lost, and distraught when handsome frontiersman Peter finds her in the middle of nowhere. 

Taking pity on the downtrodden young woman, Peter promises to escort her to the safety of civilization. 

Little does he realize he’s taking on a naïve and foolishly brave girl who will test the limits of his patience. 

But he also discovers the same naïve girl will blossom into a strong, competent, and captivating woman as they undertake an epic journey that will forever alter both their lives.

My Review
What a truly delightful book!
I absolutely loved it!

Subtle humor mixed in with strong emotions and a determination that will not quit.

I was increasingly intrigued with the adventure of travel across the country. We so take for granted our ability to hop in a car or jump on a plane to travel that far.

And to do it under the open skies, with little food and water, and I cannot even imaging the time that Rachel was lost and alone for a few incredibly written...such wonderful description!

I loved the developing relationship between Peter and Rachel and wait until you read about Shorty--he stole my heart.

What would you do and how far would you travel to find a loved one?

An incredibly fantastic story!
I highly recommend this one!
So well written!
Love this author!

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About the Author
Kristen Garner McKendry began writing in her teens and her work has been published in Canada and the U.S. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics from Brigham Young University and has always been a voracious reader.

Kristen has a strong interest in urban agriculture, sustainable living, environmental issues, and the local foods movement. She incorporates these themes in her writing, and she also lets her Mormon background flavour her work to make her culture more accessible to mainstream readers. She enjoys playing the bagpipes and banjo, learning obscure languages, growing wheat in the backyard, and making cheese. Raised in Utah, she now resides with her family in Canada. She's also the proud grandmother of the world's cutest kids, Rowyn and Eòghann.

Kristen won the 2012 Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Award for Established Literary Arts, and her book Garden Plotwas nominated for the 2011 Whitney Award for excellence in LDS fiction.

For more information about Kristen and her books, check out her website at, where you will also find a ling to her blog, My Daily Slog Blog.

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  1. Thanks so much for your great review! I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing it. - Kristen



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