Sep 1, 2015

Home of the Brave

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by Kristoffer Neff

What would you sacrifice for someone you love?

Active members of the LDS Church, Michael Sutton and his parents have been troubled for years by the rebellion of his younger brother, Taylor. But when Taylor's Army Ranger team disappears during a secret mission in Pakistan's Volatile Northern Territory, the Suttons must face the horrors of regret and helplessness.

Officially, the Rangers are declared missing in action, but army intelligence points to a hostile capture and execution. Then Michael receives a phone call from Taylor, pleading for help. The military insists the corporal's voice was faked, but Michael is convinced his brother is alive and moves forward with a plan to rescue him.

When he arrives in Pakistan, Michael unknowingly becomes ensnared in the dark plots of power-hungry men.

What happens next is a moving story of bravery, loyalty, and forgiveness.

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My Review
This book was SO GOOD on SO MANY LEVELS!

You have this team that has been captured and all that they are enduring--you will be amazed at who is responsible for that.

You have the love of family and the pulling of emotions knowing that if Michael goes to get his brother he might not come back to his wife and daughter

And then you have the parents who are now worrying for both of their sons.

You have a side story of a girl who has also been captured--wait until you read about that--so intriguing!

I LOVED all the twists and turns in the plot--

Grab a copy and see how it all plays out :)

LOVED this one!
Action, betrayal, suspense, and more!
Such a GREAT book!

About the Author
Kristoffer Neff first took an interest in writing as a sophomore in high school, but he didn't see himself as an author until he won a short-story contest while living in Utah. He writes whenever he can find a spare moment, which sometimes amounts to only a few hours a week since he operates his own business. His first novel was No Place to Hide.

The idea for Home of the Brave, which is based on the parable of hte prodigal son, came to Kristoffer one afternoon while he played with his young sons. He and his beautiful wife, Melanie, live in Arizona and have four children. 

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