Dec 24, 2018

Christmas Delight

by three amazing authors

Prepare for a holiday treat as three acclaimed authors unite in Christmas Delight, a 3-in-1 collection of Christmas classics 
sure to brighten the season.

A Return to Christmas by Chris Heimerdinger—Until he was three years old, Artemus Holiday and his twin brother, Andrew, shared all the adventures of life. But when young Artemus lost his brother in a terrible tragedy on Christmas day, the magic of the Christmas season seemed forever shrouded by a cloud of sadness and despair. But miracles have been known to happen during this time of year. This heartwarming Christmas story follows the Lives of two eleven-year-old heroes—the wary and cynical Artemus and an outcast named Chess, a homeless con artist with a heart of gold. Through a simple twist of fate, these boys will find themselves swept into the adventure of a lifetime—one that takes them beyond their wildest imaginings. A Return to Christmas wraps holiday sadness, joy, and wonder into one very special package. Once you open it, you will never see Christmas the same way again.

Christmas in Haggerty by Betsy Brannon Green—'TIS THE SEASON, and in Haggerty, Georgia, that means Christmas programs, caroling, front door decorating contests, and plenty of festive food to share with your sometimes eccentric neighbors. Not everyone, however, has caught the Christmas spirit. Kate Iverson doesn’t want to accept that there will be no more babies in her future, even though her doctor is certain that her childbearing years are behind her.Despite her discouragement, a recurring dream has Kate convinced that there is yet work for her to do. Through faith, prayer, and the assistance of inspired friends, Kate soon becomes part of a modern Christmas miracle—and learns a powerful lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.

A Homemade Christmas by Alma J. Yates—It has been a disastrous year for the Cluff family, and eleven-year-old Nadine would just as soon not let anyone know how poor they really are this holiday season–especially her new friend Jennilynn. So in a dramatic effort to save face, Nadine comes up with the “giving thing.” Unfortunately, well-off Jennilynn really likes the idea of homemade gifts, and now poor Nadine’s spur-of-the-moment idea is out of her control. She’s actually going to have to make presents. But does she have to make one for her grumpy old neighbor Mrs. Thurman? Join a delightful cast of imperfect characters on a heartwarming quest for the true spirit of Christmas giving.

These stories will melt your heart and 
help you understand the true meaning of Christmas.


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