Jul 18, 2017

FREE eBooks

Looking for FREE ebooks to read this summer???
Check out the list of books at the following link

You get them free by clicking the banner at the top of the site and joining Bookshelf Plus-- 

I LOVE Bookshelf Plus and have read many books for free.
I have also listened to a lot of talks for free :)

Read what other people are saying about Bookshelf Plus:

"Since I started my PLUS subscription I have finished 10 books (and started at least 5 others). I also listened to General Conference (free) and use it to prepare my lessons. $200 in savings isn't bad."

"...in the past three months I have read at least 26 books and some books like the infinite Atonement 2 times, while reading all these books on bookshelf, I have read the complete Book of Mormon for the first time in my life. Did I tell you I don't like reading? That was very true until 4 months ago when I was excommunicated. That was a blessing in my life truly, since that time any book I read from bookshelf seems to touch my heart and I learn and grow and feel Heavenly Father talk to me. I love how bookshelf is changing my life."

"I've done about 37 then my kids and husband listen to some too so we have totally gotten our moneys worth."

The above link takes you to the list of FREE ebooks
Watch for the link that takes you to all the FREE audiobooks 
in an upcoming post


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