Jun 2, 2017

Make a Choice

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by Jeff Benedict

This book is FANTASTIC!!!
Sometimes I get caught up in the 'woe is me' outlook on life.
I often forget that it is totally up to me how I want to be.
This book helped me remember that I have to make the choice--
Happiness OR Despair???

Jeff Benedict has seen both good and bad in his career as a journalist. Some of the best are the extraordinary people he has met who have made deliberate choices to live happier lives despite the extreme hardship that each of them have faced. Although life will knock us down from time to time, This book is an important reminder that we all can make a choice to get back up, brush ourselves off, and keep pressing forward.

* Replace anger with forgiveness through studying the real-life examples of seven inspiring mentors.

* Avoid discouragement by purposefully recognizing God's hand in your life.

* Diminish the heartache from tragedy through the concentrated act of serving others.

* Gain insights from parents who were deliberate in safeguarding their children against harmful influences.

* Stand strong through life's adversity through the examples of powerful prayer.

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