Jun 19, 2017

Fatherhood, Football, and Turning Forty

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by Chris Crowe

What a FUN BOOK!
Filled with "confessions of a middle-aged Mormon male" this book will make you smile, laugh, and ponder where you are at in your own life. 
I love personal stories like these--

Life as a married Mormon male is no picnic. At first you just had to worry about yourself and your wife. Pretty soon you add a baby, and then another, and another; add to that your church and work responsibilities, and who has time to even breathe?

But, as author Chris Crowe points out, no life is more rewarding. With honesty and humor he recounts some of the events and feelings experience by a contemporary Mormon father. For example, he explains a father’s need for infinite patience—and amateur plumbing skills—in “The Little Plumbers.” “Feeling Small” takes a look at the stunted ego that can result from such things as being “genealogically challenged” in a church full of pioneer stock. “The Countdown” contains the musing of a man slipping into middle age. And in “LaVell and Me” the author relates the real story behind BYU’s success in football.

Lively and down to earth, this book has something for everyone who is familiar with the pleasures (and frustrations) of fatherhood, football, and turning forty.

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