Sep 16, 2016

The Spider and the Sparrow

by A. L. Sowards

War stories intrigue me! The people have such a passion to do anything to aid in the 'war effort.' Lives are put on the line, but lives are also being lost, so if they can help, they will--Such bravery!
I cannot even imagine being a spy, or being put in a war prison, or trying to escape enemy territory--within these pages you will experience it all. This book is one that you will want to read!
So well written you will feel as if you are right there too-

May 1915. After tragedy strikes during the Second Battle of Artois, Frenchman Julian Olivier will do anything to get out of the trenches. So when British Intelligence recruits him to spy behind enemy lines, he jumps at the opportunity. Just before he begins, however, he has a chance encounter with a young French woman who leaves his heart marked for the remainder of the war—even if he doesn’t know her name.

Warren Flynn is a Canadian airborne hero, and dogfights with the Germans are all in a day’s work. Second only to his love of flying is his fascination with Claire Donovan, the daughter of an American munitions manufacturer living in Paris. Warren flies Julian into Germany and soon receives orders to post the Allies’ newest operative—an attractive peasant woman named Evette—in Claire’s home.

As a dangerous ring of spies and saboteurs threatens to turn the war against the Allies, Julian discovers goodness in his enemies’ hearts. But even if he survives, will he ever be reunited with the woman whose memory he can’t erase? Will Warren survive the war, and will Evette unearth the infiltrator in her own territory before it’s too late?


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