Sep 27, 2016

A Place for Miss Snow

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by Jennifer Moore

What was a simple chaperone assignment turns into a rescue mission for captured children and all because of a chance meeting of A MAN--are you intrigued???
You will be enthralled at Miss Snow's tenacity, creativity, determination, and cleverness.
And then there is Alexandros-----SO GOOD!
I highly recommend this one!

Miss Diana Snow is everything a British chaperone should be—she finds satisfaction in order and depends wholly upon the rules of decorum as she negotiates the isle of Greece with her young charge. But Miss Snow’s prim and proper exterior masks a disquieting past: orphaned and alone in the world, she has only her stiff upper lip to rely upon. When a brief encounter with a handsome stranger challenges her rules of propriety, Diana is unwittingly drawn into an adventure that will turn her ordered world upside down.

Alexandros Metaxas is a Greek spy working to recruit individuals to the cause of revolution. His mission seems to be going perfectly until he encounters Diana Snow, a captivating—if slightly cold—beauty. When their paths cross again, the ill-fated reunion threatens all Alex has been fighting for. But more importantly, it places Diana’s life in jeopardy. There is only one way to save her: they must put themselves at the mercy of the most powerful pirate family in the Mediterranean. Soon, Diana is plunged into a fantastic world of gypsy curses, blood feuds, and unexpected romance. But when a bitter vendetta places her in mortal danger, will she have the courage to fight for life and love?

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  1. I really enjoyed the author's novel, "Simply Anna" and am looking forward to reading and reviewing "A Place for Miss Snow." I love how the author gives her books relatively "short and sweet" titles. That's very unique.

    I enjoyed your review which has only intrigued me more to read the book. Thank you!



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