May 7, 2014

The Power of Mothers DVD

"We have a task in restoring confidence in Motherhood!"

"The core element that sustains the people is the mother."

"The impact of the mother on the child is massive."

The above quotes are from the NEW DVD ~ The Power of Mothers

The message is POWERFUL!
The cinematography is BEAUTIFULLY DONE!

3-years in the making ~ there is nothing else in the world like it!

The film moves back and forth between interviews and impromptu thoughts of both leading authorities and everyday ordinary moms.

You see mother's interacting with children and those tender moments that result.

Your heart and testimony will be strengthened towards motherhood.

Motherhood is SO HARD, but yet SO REWARDING and SO IMPORTANT!

You sacrifice, love, endure, hope, and dream.

You are often tired, worn out, and drained.

But you will do nothing else that will bring so much joy in return.

My favorite quote:

"My mother was not strict, she got us to do things by loving us."

And this one too:

"Mothers transform the house into a home." 

Let us celebrate motherhood more than just one day a year.

Let us promote motherhood as an honorable career.

Director: Barry McLerran
Executive Producer: Shelly Locke
Producer: Barry McLerran
Consulting Producer: Joshua MeLarran
Music: Merrill Jenson
Editor: Stuart Heimdal

You can find out more at:

To order your copy, please send your request to:

Also available at Deseret Book

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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