Mar 28, 2013

Prince Tennyson

I have a eyes and nose are drippy...and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a really good book.

But what book?
I have quite a stack...
From Inspiration to Biographies
From Romance to Suspense

What to choose...what to choose.
Then I came across Prince Tennyson by Jenni James.

Not even knowing what it was about I picked it up and started reading.

I was immediately charmed by the grade-school, little-girl dialog.

What a sweet story she was sharing...she is telling about her dad whom she lost on a Wednesday to the war in Iraq...and how ever since then Wednesdays were really bad days for her...

Her dad was a prince...not by royal bloodline...
But by the way he treated his family and everyone around him.

Then one Wednesday something very wonderful happened....

In the end my eyes and nose were drippy...not because of the cold...

But because I was so touched by the story of one little girls dad...known as Prince Tennyson :)


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