Mar 12, 2013

The Savior's Symbols

Book Details:
Release Date: February 2013
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Spiritual
Book Description:
Often we are taught familiar stories from the life of the Master without fully exploring the profoundly beneficial insights of his symbolic imagery. It was Heavenly Father who directed his Son to teach us his chosen symbols with an invitation to ponder their significance.

The Saviors Symbols examines how and when the Lord introduced his chosen symbols. It frames each teaching opportunity, the various people and motivations involved, and suggests to whom his symbolic message was directed. Although each circumstance and symbol varies, Christ’s focus is ever the same; claiming his Father’s children and blessing all through his service and sacrifice.
The Savior’s Symbols invites you to ponder anew the life, ministry, and sacred mission of Jesus Christ.

All royalties from this publication are donated to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or The Perpetual Missionary Foundation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Visit the Foundation website to find out more.
My Review:
Seven Affirmations from the Life of the Master~~What a beautiful book to read right before the coming of Easter!
I loved in the preface how the author wrote:
"This work invites you to think expansively and to feel differently about Christ.
His symbols inspire feelings and insights as you study his words.
While you ponder the circumstances and messages of each symbol, you will,
if you choose, come to know Him better."
Each chapter is a different symbol: Wine, Water, Bread, Stone, Oil, The Shepherd and the Lamb, Alpha and Omega;

Scriptural stories, and hymn text are sprinkled throughout to illustrate each symbolism.

I also loved this thought that "our lives can also become symbols of the Savior as we desire, seek, receive, act, and radiate the Light and Love of Christ daily in our lives."

Give yourself a gift this Easter to study from the pages of this beautiful book :)

Included in the book are beautiful paintings by Jeffrey Hein, Michael Malm, and Nathan Pinnock
About the Author:
Mark A. Amacher was raised in a military family, moving frequently from one duty station to another. His family eventually settled in Bountiful, Utah, during the Vietnam War. After serving as a Mormon missionary, Mark married Patti Allen in Salt Lake City while completing his university education. During a successful business career with General Electric, American International Group and QBE of Australia, Mark and Patti moved and traveled frequently. During these years, Mark Amacher was either starting or managing businesses from Asia to the Middle East. Mark served in the Greensboro, North Carolina, Stake Presidency from 1996–2010, where he watched his three sons leave to serve missions in Oregon, California, and Louisiana.

Mark retired in 2011 but still advises and invests in different businesses. The Amachers currently serve as Church Service Missionaries and Temple workers and reside in North Carolina. They just welcomed their first Grandchild, Audrey, to the family. To learn more about the author, visit Mark’s website here:


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