Aug 31, 2012

Trial of the Heart

Jamie just received an inheritance of  a wine vineyard from the late Mrs. Walden, but she does not drink wine and does not want to be responsible for any drunk drivers.

So, she is trying to turn the vineyard into something else.

Mrs. Walden's family is fighting for the vineyard.

But the unthinkable has happened...Jamie and one of Mrs. Walden's grandsons start to like each other...

This book is so much more that a sweet romance.

It looks into the idea of can you marry for just love alone or does there need to be more?

Should you marry someone with idea of being able to change them AFTER you are married?

Can you love someone for who they are even if some of the things they do are not of your same values?

A lot of laughs and plenty of tears bring this book into your heart.


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