Jul 2, 2022

Waiting For You

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WAITING FOR YOU by Heather B. Moore

“Wealthy. Privileged. Seth Owens has it all. Except for the woman who holds his heart.

Gwen Robbins loves her job waitressing at the Pine Valley resort restaurant, and as a single woman, she has no trouble turning down any offers of dates from the restaurant patrons. Even when her boss, Seth Owens, shows interest in her, she’s not tempted in the least, no matter how strong their attraction. 

But when Seth helps her through a crisis, she begins to see him in a different light. He’s not the rich and privileged business owner she first makes him out to be, but a man who’s making huge sacrifices to follow his own dreams. As Seth encourages Gwen to mend her own divide with her family, she realizes her heart is slowly opening toward a better future.”

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Waiting for You > https://amzn.to/3uk5OcA
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