Sep 9, 2019

The Heart Collector

by Jackie Castle

Collecting hearts helped Sara to keep from losing hope.

Sara stared at the heart-shaped stone. She scooped it up and placed it in her pocket to put in her treasured collection. These hearts were safe and not easily broken. Not like Sara's had been shattered after losing her husband.
Fear rules her heart now. Fear of loss. Of more brokenness. Yes, the little stone hearts are safe.

Daniel stared at the old note he’d found cleaning out his desk. Long ago, his childhood sweetheart had made a list of what she expected in a husband. He crumpled the paper. Years ago, he’d set out to meet those requirements only to lose Sara to another man. One who met none of her expectations!

Now she’s back in Madison Creek, broken and in need of help, along with her pre-teen son. Daniel turned his thoughts away from her. She’d broken his heart once before. He wouldn’t let it happen again.

Is love strong enough to mend broken hearts?
A story of second chances rising from the ashes of fear and loss.

My Thoughts
I adore when an author writes multiple stories about the people in one town. It makes you feel like you know and love them all. This is a sweet, tender story! I will definitely be reading more from this series- SO GOOD~

Madison Creek Series
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Madison Creek Novellas


  1. I agree, I like reading about different people all in the same town. Those are always a fun series to get into!



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