Jan 5, 2018

Camera Wars

by Chelsea Hale

Camera Wars. Love in Focus. Capturing Love has never been so hard.

For Coco Beaumont, capturing love is easy. It's her job. She uses her camera and films happy couples in love with her wedding videography business. In her personal life, Coco's heart is captured thousands of miles away by her boyfriend, who builds orphanages in South America.

While filming for her roommate Liz, Coco's focus becomes blurred. The photographer for Liz and Tyler's wedding gets in her way and under her skin. She is torn between what she has waited for, and what is right in front of her.

Peter Jorgensen is hired for his college roommate's wedding. But signing up for the job comes with more than he bargained for. Though they start off on the wrong foot, Peter is determined to show Coco that capturing love is more than perfect predictability and a setting on the camera.

Coco is so focused on seeing the love between everyone else, she is oblivious to the love blooming in her own life. It will take a reset on her aperture to see what has been in front of her eyes the entire time.

I absolutely adored this book!



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